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  About Us

Jsw Surgical Co. was established in 1986.The main activity of JSW SURGICAL CO. is Manufacturing and Export of Surgical, Dental and Beauty Instruments and scissors of all sorts. We have the Equipment and the know how to manufacture thequality Instruments.

We are pioneers in giving a new dimension to the Instruments and tools. The traditional raw material used in producing these instruments was Carbon Steel chrome plated but we have set a new trend of introducing ASTM Standard Stainless Steel as a substitute to the old material.Similarly we have introduc.

Production Capability:

We have three production units which covers production process from raw material to packi of goods. Our Company Is fully equipped with the latest technologies in the manufacturing.

We can produce any kind custom product per required by end users. We can offer the compl range of Surgical & Dental Instruments


In this Era Quality Consciousness end users, Jsw Surgical Co. is aware of customer's requirements regarding quality and do have full capability to perform accordingly.We dO ha

* ISO 9001 Certification
* GMP approved by FDA, Green list
* CE Mark

Our research and development team enlists the feedback from surgeons and vendors to prov quality instruments.

Our Mission is to earn customer's trust by providing the outstanding service, time delivery along with quality products.

Thanks & Regards


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